Not Finding Time for Sex

At the moment I am super busy at Watford escorts and when I come home from my shift, I don’t seem to have any time left over for my boyfriend. We don’t live together and for some reason he does not want to come over to my place. He always want me to come over to his place but I don’t always find the time. He says that I am not making any time for him nor our sex life. I have told him that I am happy to have sex with him but he really needs to come over to my place. Honestly, I cannot see what he has against my place.


In the past he has come up with various excuses. One of his excuses is that I have too many houseplants and they stare at him. I love collecting houseplants and like I say to my friends at Watford escorts of, I am not going to get rid of them just because he does not like them. Where he gets this crazy idea that my beloved African Violets stare at him I don’t know, but the fact is that he says that my houseplants turn him off sex.


Another thing, he also says that he does not like by shabby chic decorating theme. I cannot help it, and I know that I am a bit of a dumpster diver. My friend Elena from Watford escorts also like to go along to all sorts of car boot sales and collectors fairs.We buy lots of stuff cheapily that needs doing up. In the last couple of years, I have bought some really different and unique pieces and I have no intention of chucking them out because of my boyfriend. He says that my clutter makes him feel crowded in. I am honestly beginning to think that he is a weird guy.


I have also have a cat called Brian and he seems to be objecting to him as well. Recently I found a little kitten on my way home from Watford escorts so she has moved in as well. My boyfriend says that he believes that cats are evil and that my cats are given him the evil. He does get some really strange ideas into his head or are they just excuses for something. I am really beginning to wonder if my boyfriend does not in fact have an interior motive for all of his crazy ideas.


My boyfriend is really into bondage and the occult. I don’t think the two make a really good combination. My friends at Watford escorts have told me to be really careful and I am being careful. He has asked me to come to this club where a lot of people who believe that they are vampires meet. I know that it sounds completely nuts, but I just fancy going to take a look. But, I think that my boyfriend is ultimately trying to draw me into his little world. He is an interesting guy to be with but all of that occult stuff freaks me out. Perhaps he is not the boyfriend for me, and my boss at the agency says that he has been about worried about me since I have been dating my vampire man.

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