Is It Okay for Women to Masturbate?

Men don’t seem to think twice about masturbating when they feel the need. Yet, we seldom talk about the female need to masturbate. The truth is that women need to let off steam as much as men, but despite everything, they are often made to feel guilty about this most intimate personal need. It applies to all women, and it really wasn’t until I joined London escorts that I learned to talk about it. Very few women discuss their sexual needs, but fortunately, we are very good at doing so at London escorts.

I have met men at London escorts who have never bought their partner or wife a sex toy in their entire life. It is kind of sad. I am pretty sure that I am not the only girl at our London escorts service who thinks that it seems that men still don’t care about female satisfaction. Do men care? Not all men care and I think it is important for women to learn how to stand up for themselves. If you are in a relationship with a man, it is just as important for you to enjoy the sexual part of the relationship.

Should you be embarrassed about your own sexual needs? No, you should not be embarrassed at all. I know that many women feel that they should not talk about their sexual needs. What would help a lot, is of women talked about their sexual needs? We have them as well and love to have erotic fun. Why else are there so many London escorts who are into role play? You may think that London escorts only like to please others, but that is not true. Most London escorts that I know like to please themselves just as much.

Should you rush out and buy a load of sex toys? When I first joined London escorts, I did realise that I missed out on a lot of fun by not trying sex toys. But, rushing out to buy a load of sex toys is not the right thing to do. Instead, find out what sex toys you may like. I have built up rather a good sex toy collection, but I have only bought one sex toy at the time. Finding out what you like is what you should be doing. When you have discovered what you like, you can move onto the next sex toy.

Should you feel guilty about your solo play adventures? No, you should not feel guilty at all. Almost all of the girls that I know at London escorts are solo player, and they don’t feel guilty about it. I know that it can be tough at first to say to your friends that you have sexual needs, but there is no need to feel bad about it. Once, one woman starts talking about her sexual needs, you will soon find that others join in. It sort of makes it okay, and it will not take you long to appreciate that we all have different sexual needs that we should satisfy to feel good about ourselves

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