Yes, you can say that I am totally hooked on West London escorts.

There is one girl at a local escort service that I have completely fallen for, and I go nuts without her. As a matter of fact, I have moved to a different part of West London just so that I can be closer to her. You may think that I am totally nuts, but I honestly desire this girl that much that I needed to do that.

Diamond is a hot Italian girl. She is originally from Venice, and we clicked as soon as we met. She is rather new to working for West London escorts of, but she certainly is one of the hottest and kinkiest girls that I know in this part of town. I was originally living in South West London but I moved to North West London to be closer to her. It may sound crazy but I just knew that I had to see her more often. Mind you, I am not complaining, I made some money on my home and was able to take on a smaller mortgage. Now I can spend more time with Diamond.

I am not sure why Diamond and I clicked straight away. The first time I opened the door, I knew that Diamond was for me straight away. She just stood there in her dark beauty and look at me. Okay, West London escorts have always been an important part of my life, but I have never come across a girl like Diamond before. She was the perfect blend of naughty and nice and I loved that about her. Taking my eyes off her for just a second was a real struggle and I loved her from the start.

Of course, I did not tell my friends that I moved to North West London to spend more time with Diamond. I am not sure why I did not say anything, but I guess I did not want my mates to think that I had lost the plot. In the end, I just told them that I had been able to find the right property and that I was going to be able to reduce my mortgage by a lot of money per month. But, the truth was different. I moved to North West London to enjoy the company of Diamond.

Do I regret my move? It took me a little while to settle in here in North West London, but it is okay now. I am actually a bit closer to work, and I spend less money travelling to and from work. That means I get a chance to spend more time with my hot and sexy Diamond. We only used to meet up at weekends, but now we meet during the week as well. My stunner from North West London escorts is the girl that I crave all of the time. Sure, most guys would probably not move to be closer to their favorite West London escorts service, but I did. If you knew Diamond, you would probably do the same thing.

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