I am in love at my first time booking of London escort

Who wouldn’t be in love by someone who is kind and beautiful? Someone that has a good personality and a good look is one of a kind combination. It’s rare to find it these days, but for me if I were to choose between character and beauty, I would rather pick character. Perhaps because beauty fades in time it doesn’t last long no matter how you tried to care for yourself. The one that is long lasting is the character; the attitude of the person will still be the same no matter how old are you. Always remember that you are marrying the soul of the person, it’s the inside of it not the physical appearance that is only temporary for a given time. My mom always says that a good wife is better than a good looking wife but has a bad attitude. Marriage is not an easy decision; it takes two mature people to enter this kind of relationship. I believe that the beauty of the person lies on the personality. Sometimes people become more beautiful by how they treat others with kindness. They have a spark on them that we are captivated instantly. Just like with my London escort, before I knew that she is a London escort, I thought she was just a normal citizen in London. The first time I saw her was on the street, she doesn’t dress well at that time, she also match herself to the street people.

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Your attention would really catch up because of her beauty. She looks so beautiful even on her appearance that time, she give foods to the street people and even eat with them. I was stop by their and keep watching her. I am amazed by her humanity and kindness. She does not worry what others might think of her, I find her really beautiful inside and out. I keep watching her for the reason I will never see her again. Days passed by, still the same woman I saw in the street, helping people and taking to them. She looks like having a great time with these people. The next day I never saw her again, I keep coming back to the street she used to stay but she was not there anymore. Until I turn on the TV and see her through the television. I was surprised to know that she is one of the most famous London escort. Finally I have the idea now of how can I get close to her. The next day I call to the agency and book a London escort. It was her I pick and her name was Tess. Tess looks even more beautiful in near. I admire her lot and even suggested that we can donate foods to Street people that time. We have a great time together; I knew that I am falling in love with her on the first booking that is why I keep the communication with her until I court her. A year after, she said yes to me and I am the happiest man alive

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