My battle with alcohol and how it cost my wife

I was an alcoholic before I married my wife, but I was also an expert in hiding my habit. To be honest, I did know that I had a problem already before I got married but I just would not own up to it. It would have been better if I had but we often chose to ignore our problems. It may seem hard to believe but my wife and I managed to have two kids before my habit caught up with me.

My wife had gone out to dinner with a friend from Chelsea escorts of, and left me to look after the kids. It was rather a cold night and I had the fire on to keep me and my kids snug. For some reason, I had forgotten to replace the fireguard and a spark must have jumped out only to land on the rug. At the time I was drinking rather heavily and had fallen asleep on the sofa. My five year old had to raise the alarm by running next door to a neighbor. The rest came out in the wash so to speak, and it was the end of marriage.

Often, we simply consume excessive. The fact is that some individuals consume for enjoyment, and others consume to conceal the discomfort. Unfortunately, both parties are just as most likely to become alcoholics, and knowing when to apply the brakes is never ever easy. Both men and women battle alcohol, and it seems to be among those practices which is sneaking down in the age groups say the ladies from Chelsea escorts. There are now much more younger alcoholics than there were Twenty Years back. We seem to be able to manage our alcohol practice, and finding a solution is hard. How do you take on the problem?

There are various schools of idea. Some groups believe that restricting access to alcohol is the only way forward, while others think that alcohol has actually become too strictly controlled. Remarkably enough, countries where alcohol is freely readily available has less of an issue with drinking excessive. Simply puts, there are less alcoholics in countries such as France, Spain and Italy. Alcohol is readily available in bars in these countries 24 hours a day, and nobody ever calls time. However, obviously this is only part of the reason.

Another interesting fact is the concept of drinking culture. Binge drinking is a big problem in the UK, and is the main reason why we are seeing a lot of younger alcoholics in the UK today. Young people go out and try to drink as much as they can in just a few short hours. The truth is that they don’t realize that they are on their way to becoming alcoholics. At the same time they are causing a lot of health problems, and the UK is expecting to see a huge increase in alcohol related diseases in the future.


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