Knowing When to Lick Your Fingers

When should you lick your fingers? I do have this habit of licking my fingers, and I do eat all of the time. Sometimes I even lick my fingers after I have been masturbating. Is that hygienic? I am not sure if that is hygienic, and none of the girls at London escorts can tell me if I am doing the right thing by licking my fingers after masturbation. I love to find out if I should or not, but at the same time, I don’t want to ask my doctor.

It could even embarrass him.Yes, I know that we should be careful when we lick our fingers, but I can’t help it. I just love licking my fingers. As a matter of fact, I like eating with my fingers, and I am always sticking my fingers in food. Ice cream is one of my favorite foods to eat with my fingers, and I even feed some of my dates at London escorts with my fingers. Am I doing the right thing, or am I exposing my gents at London escorts to a health risk by feeding them with my fingers? I would like to think that I am not exposing my dates to anything harmful, but you never know. Eating with my fingers have become a bit of a fetish. I find it kind of sexy, and I guess it is one of those things that you like, or you don’t like.

However, I do date rather a lot of gents at London escorts who like to be finger fed. Are they attracted to me, or just Women in general? The funny thing is that once we have met, they all seem to have a thing about coming back for more all of the time.Is finger feeding a real fetish? A couple of weeks back, I came across this website which talked about all sorts of different fetishes. The thing is that I was not able to find my particular fetish listed on there. Lots of other fetishes which I come across at charlotte London escorts were listed on the site, but finger licking was not mentioned at all. Surely, I am not the only girl around who is into finger licking or feeding my lovers with my fingers.

I was really surprised not to find my favorite fetish listed.Toe sucking came on top of the list, and I guess that is only to be expected, But I have to say that I really don’t date a lot of gentlemen at London escorts who list toe sucking as one of their favorite fetishes. I would actually say that toe sucking, or playing with toes, is one of the least favorite fetishes that you hear about at London escorts. It may have been popular in the past, but at the moment, I really can’t remember the last time I had a date with someone who said that he was into toe sucking. But, I would like you to know, if you would like to have a finger licking good time, I am the girl you should be calling at London escorts.

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