Kissing after oral sex

I don’t have a problem with kissing my boyfriend after oral sex, but I know a lot of girls do. If you were to ask the girls here at London escorts, I think that 8 out of 10 would say they don’t like kissing their boyfriends after oral sex.

Tasting themselves is not the sort of thing that turns women on, but I rather like it. Men certainly do like the taste of women, and most of the gents I go out with at London escorts enjoy oral sex with their partners.

Oral sex is not for everybody. I enjoy oral sex most of the time, but I have not got a kick out of oral sex with all of my boyfriends. Some of them have had bad teeth or they have not turned me on enough. To enjoy oral sex, I need to be really turned on. As a bisexual girl, I would rather have oral sex with a woman than a man. I am not sure what it is, but women kind of touch you differently. Funny enough, most bisexual London escorts say the same thing as I do.

Recently, I think oral sex has gone out of fashion a little. There are a few safe sex issues around oral sex at the moment, and you should really think twice about having oral sex. If you are thinking about giving a guy a blow job. I would make him wear a condom. Yes, you can pick up all sort of infections in your mouth and that is what I think a lot of people becoming really concerned about. Most of the girls here at London escorts are really aware of stuff like this, but I am not sure others are so aware.

Fortunately I had a really good sex education teacher in school. Like I say to my friends at London escorts, she was excellent because she went that extra mile. Also, she was created the kind of atmosphere that you felt good about, and as a result, it felt like you could talk to her about anything. Most of my colleagues at London escorts were much less fortunate and I think that is true for most people. I don’t think that a lot of sex educators talk about oral sex, but I am glad that mine was brave enough to do.

Sex toys are all in at the moment, and I think they have become pretty mainstream by now. Most of my boyfriends have been more turned on when playing with sex toys than giving me oral sex. Actually I prefer it that way. I would say the majority of the girls I work with at London escorts feel the same way. We all like to play with sex toys than having oral sex. Do you get better orgasms with oral sex? No. I don’t think you do. I find sex toys give me much better orgasms than oral sex, and I would rather my boyfriends played played with my sex toys.

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