The Girls at London Escorts Turned My Life Around

I got married for the first time when I was 19 years old. It has taken me ages to realise it, but it was not the thing to do. My father had just died, and I had been forced to take over his garage business by mum. It was not really what I wanted to do, but I just did as a matter of course. Now, I also realise that I ended up marrying a girl in the same village more or less to please my mum. She seemed to be lost at the time, I did not want to to feel like that.

My wife was a really great mum to our kids, but not a very good wife to me. She had come from a background of a burned out marriage, and her mum and dad had only stayed together because of her. I recognise now that we settled down to follow very much the same pattern. It was not until one of the girls that I used to date at London escorts pointed out to me, but I know that was exactly what I was doing at the time. There is little wonder that our marriage failed and I ended up dating London escorts.

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Anyway, my dad’s business really took off and I was able to make a lot of changes. A couple of years ago, I sold it and decided that I wanted a change of pace. I told my wife that I was planning on working again, but wanted to spend the rest of my time enjoying life and playing golf. To mys surprise, she told that we have nothing more to say to each other and she wanted a divorce. She briskly added that she did not want me under her feet in the house.

I soon realised that I was not the man for her anymore, and she was not the woman for me. As we had spent so much time together, we agreed a fair settlement and I moved out of the house which was mortgage free. It was at this point I started to date a girl from London escorts who looked at life a little bit different. Lexus from London escorts was a very independent girl and I think that helped me a lot. She made me stand on my own two feet that I should have done from the beginning after my father had died.

Today, I am in a very happy relationship and it is mainly thanks to Lexus from London escorts. I could not resist to start another business, and when I finalised my new business, I met this lovely lawyer. She is younger than I am, but very independent. We are now living together and I am not seeing any of the girls from London escorts anymore. This time things are very different, and I have to do my own washing. You may life at that, but it is a very good thing. I have learned that I don’t have to go with the flow, and can just get on with life. That is when my very independent five year old lets me. She knows exactly how to twist me around her little finger, and I am sure that she could run my business better than me.

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