Masturbation Tips For Women

As we all know the best form of sexual pleasure is from sex itself. Unfortunately, a sexual encounter is not always an option, which is where the inventive girl starts pleasing herself. It can still be big fun, especially if you know what you are doing. A highly-sexed girl can spend hours toying with herself and bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm. But are you missing out on any vital tricks and techniques that make the experience even more pleasurable than it already is? Here are a few masturbation tips that every girl out there should be using.

If you do not have a vibrator or a dildo, then you should definitely invest in one. A dildo acts as a perfect substitute for a penis and in many ways they can be better, as you control exactly what they do. When inserting the dildo or vibrator, massage your clitoris to give extra sensations. Gradually increase the speed as you approach orgasm and repeat that process until you are fully satisfied. Many women love a device known as the Hitachi wand, which can deliver the most shuddering orgasmic sensations you’ve ever experienced. These are slightly more expensive but perhaps the best sex toy on the market.

Besides vaginal play, anal play is also very important to female masturbation. Anal beads and butt plugs are very popular toys that can be used to fill up your ass. With toys such as the butt plug, you could even insert it and leave it in there all day to stretch you out. Don’t worry, it is definitely not going to fall out. This added sensation of having something plugged up your ass is both mental and physical. If it is a vibrating butt plug, you will be able to give yourself an orgasm whenever you wish, and just the thought of having it inside you while you are out in public is a massive turn on.

Masturbating is really about finding what works well for you. Perhaps you do not want a toy and would rather just use your fingers – that is fine. With your fingers, you get more flexibility about how you want to play with yourself. Instead of having one object inside you, you have a few that can combine to give you different pleasurable sensations. Whatever you choose to do though, pay extra attention to your clitoris, as that is the most sensitive area.

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